Computer Moderated Wargame Rules

for Historical Miniatures.

by Clinton Reilly

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Panorama of the Battle of Waterloo
Panorama of the Battle of Waterloo.

NEW - Version 6 - NEW!

A Completely New Sci-Fi Game!

Mars Ascendant for the Science Fiction genre.


Use your own map image to create a new Campaign Game.

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Version 6 now provides a full historical range of fourteen games due to the addition of a completely new Sci-fi game. Our historical range spans an unbroken period of wargames from the Biblical Era through to the Fall of Baghdad and beyond into science fiction and fantasy. As before Version 6 continues to provide the ultimate in army, battle and campaign size with matching ease of use and flexibility. There is no limit on the number of units or officers in an army! Battles can have any number of sides and any number of armies on each side! This accomodates even the largest club campaign game. Version 6 also provides the enhanced Windows usability that comes with the full use of true Microsoft forms and controls, and was never possible in the older DOS environment. This allows greater ease of use and faster play without the PC intruding into the players awareness. Some of the new features are:-

We Have a Range of Rule Sets - Each One Tailored for A Particular Historical Period.

Click on Any of the Rule Sets Below to Read All About it:-

  1. Mars Ascendant (Science Fiction).
  2. Desert Whirlwind (Post-World War II to the Fall of Baghdad).
  3. Iron Tigers (World War II).
  4. The Desert Column (World War I).
  5. Imperial Splendour (Colonial).
  6. The Great Powers (19th Century Europe).
  7. Rally Once More! (American Civil War).
  8. Iron Duke (Napoleonics, including the American War of Independence & War of 1812).
  9. The Great Captains (Linear Warfare in Europe from about 1650 to pre-Napoleonic Times).
  10. Gunpowder Revolution (Renaissance Europe and Turkish Wars).
  11. To Me! (Medieval and Dark Age).
  12. Macedon, Rome and Hellas (Ancients - 500 BC-500 AD approx.).
  13. The Age of Heroes (Biblical Era - 500 BC and earlier).
  14. Skull Cleaver (Fantasy).

Other Items of Interest:-

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